Lovers Try Utilizing Status Messages for WhatsApp, it’s a best way to showcase your Love:

Lovers Try Utilizing Status Messages for WhatsApp, it’s a best way to showcase your Love


Are you in love with someone and want to put across your feeling of love in front of that person in a unique way – try status message for WhatsApp. As it’s one of the most innovative feature of popular WhatsApp, this lets its users to broadcast whatever they want for all their contacts to know. This also enables users to not only copy best love status messages as well as can also create a few with your creativity. So, these copied or custom made status messages can be posted on tour profile instantly and let other people know what you want to say via it.
This will be an interesting medium to show the person, who have a special place in your heart regarding your feeling of being in a relationship with him/her. You can also make it short and sweet because there is a character limit for posting a status message on WhatsApp. This knack can also be used in a positive way to keep it as simple and short as you can for another person to understand it easily.
Furthermore, as WhatsApp has become so popular in recent years and as per latest report now reached the milestone of having whooping 900 million active monthly users. This means that it’s obvious that everyone you know is likely to have a registered profile on WhatsApp and also use it actively. So, as soon you will post a fitting love status message for people to enlighten regarding your love interest at once. You cannot have any other platform of this kind, which contains everyone you know in your friend’s circle – as well in your family to have a registered active profile on one Smartphone communication app like WhatsApp.
Ending Thoughts:
This as we have elaborated above that your search for an apt display center of your feelings, which you want that all of your close people would know is rewarded by WhatsApp. As, this sole communication Smartphone app available for all leading mobile operating systems is furnishing this simple to use feature of status messages. Use this feature to showcase your feeling of love for all your added contacts on WhatsApp to know it right away.

WhatsApp Touched Milestone of 900 Million Monthly Active Users

WhatsApp that was already popular amongst millions of Smartphone users accessing it via their Android, iOS and Windows Smartphone’s has now become – the ultimate choice of users. We are saying this because ever since last year’s giant social networking enterprise Facebook has bought WhatsApp in $19 last year – its users base proliferation in paramount. And now the latest news has reported that WhatsApp touched the milestone figure of 900 million monthly active users. This has happened in just 5 months, when in the initial month of this year this most popular communication Smartphone app reached 800 million active monthly users on its platform – and now it’s expanded to gigantic 700 million.


This immense and briskly growing user base is understandable too because WhatsApp is the most preferred instant messaging and now even free voice calling app by almost every Smartphone user. The rationale of it is for the reason that there is no rival app, which provides the same amount of utility features other than just instant messaging like file sharing, instant audio messaging and status messages posting. People just love these additional features of WhatsApp. Therefore, with every passing day its subscribers as well as an active user base are broadening massively and reached the whopping 900 million active monthly users claiming 100 million more in just 5 months.

These stats also indicated that now WhatsApp is just lagging behind its parent brand Facebook as far as registered users are concerned with 700 million subscribers – as Facebook encompasses 1.4 billion subscribers. So, we can anticipate that the time is not far away when WhatsApp will overpass it parent giant social networking site – as far as the user base is concerned. If we talk about the rest of the Facebook subsidiary, Messenger is also hiking the subscriber base rapidly after becoming a separate identity and stands at 700 million monthly active users. Another popular Facebook subsidiary Instagram have 300 million subscribers and also claiming more users rapidly in recent time.

Now with the recent appealing updates for Android as well as for the iOS versions WhatsApp is surely going to win more customers. As these new updated has brought some obligatory features and perks for its users, which will surely make instant messaging a fun filled experience amongst Smartphone users.